Gluten Free & Vegan Menu

The items on this menu, must be ordered two days in advance.  All desserts are made-to-order.  Some of these cakes listed can be ordered in the following sizes: 1/4 sheet, 1/2 sheet, full sheet and doubled layered for additional pricing. There is an additional $6.00 charge for writing on all desserts. Specialty decorated cakes are also available.  Any substitution in ingredients may result in additional charges. 
Vegan Dessert Menu
If you would like us to custom make a recipe for your specific needs please feel free to contact us.

When placing your order for vegan products, please specify any dietary needs. All items that need to be gluten free will cost sufficiently more than just vegan desserts.  

     Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes (1 Dozen) - $38.00

Creme Au Cafe (Espresso Pudding) - $30.00

Rich Fudge Brownies (1 Dozen) - $36.00

Gingerbread Cookies - $28.00

Vegan Truffles (1 to 2 Dozen) - $38.00

Vegan Cheesecakes (Variety) -
$58.00 to $68.00

Vegan Cornbread - $20.00

Vegan Chocolate Nut Cake - $48.00 (Dbl. Layer) no nuts -$46.00

Vegan Apple Pie - $28.00

Vegan Red Velvet Cake - $50.00

Vegan Carrot Cake - $52.00

Vegan Lemon Cake - $45.00

Vegan Mocha Cheesecake - $55.00

Vegan Raspberry Blackout Cake  -  $50.00

Vegan Blueberry Muffins  (1 Dozen) - $36.00

Vegan Oatmeal Cookies (1 Dozen) - $26.00

Vegan Vanilla Cake -$45.00

Vegan Spice Cake - $48.00

Gluten Free Menu
Our gluten free desserts are all made from scratch. Depending on the recipe or the needs of the customer, our flour base is Bob's Red Mill's or made from scratch with rice flour, potato starch and tapioca starch.

Many of our regular cake flavors can be made into gluten free cakes. Vegan and sugar free desserts will be limited and will cost more than just gluten free.

Applesauce Molasses Cake - Low Fat - Dairy Free & Gluten Free/ A moist, delicious spice cake that also happens to be low in fat and free of gluten and dairy.  $52.00

Gluten Free Cupcakes/ Choose a cake flavor from our cake menu . Min order 1 dz.  $42.00 to $48.00

Gluten Free Fudge/ A delicious fudge, (they won't know if you don't tell them).  Can also add walnuts and marshmallow to make a rocky road fudge (additional pricing). 8 x 8 in pan $38.00

Carrot Cake/ A  wonderful carrot cake made with carrots and pineapples.  Walnuts or pecans can be added at no additional charge.  $58.00

Gluten Free Sugar Free Brownies/ A delicious brownie made with Xylitol replacement sugar, rice flour, walnuts, and shelled hemp seeds.  1 doz.  $38.00 to $42.00

Gluten Free Dinner Rolls/ Taste just like the real thing. Made with potato starch, honey and sour cream.  9 to 12 rolls  $38.00

Snickerdoodle/ A gluten free cookie that can be made soft or crispy. 1 dz.  $32.00

Cornbread/ A cake like cornbread that goes great with any meal.  Made with tapioca flour, cornmeal and yogurt.   $22.00

Banana Bread/ Fresh bananas and brown sugar makes this bread moist and delicious. 1 loaf  $38.00

Apple Cake Gluten Free/ This cake is great with cream cheese icing, powdered sugar or just plain.  $52.00
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